testimonial 1

Samapika Nayak (Orissa)
Diploma in Nursing Course

This is an excellent centre for practical training in Nursing. I had the privilege of working under reputed surgeons and assisting them in major surgeries which is unimaginable in other centers.

testimonial 2

Daniel Mahanand(Orissa)
Diploma in Nursing Course

78.8% aggregate.It was a great learning experience at this centre. I had exposure not only to good practical training in Nursing but had also the privilege of working under the best of doctors and surgeons.

testimonial 3

Kikon (Manipur)
Diploma in Pharmacy Course

84.2 % aggregate. I had a very good opportunity to finish my training in one of the finest centers. Now I have opened up my own pharmacy center at my native after the course.Thanks to the training here I now have the confidence to take on the best in the profession

Junul Dodrai

Lakhimpur (Assam)
Diploma in Pharmacy Course

I would like to thank Dr. John Ebenzar and Dr. Parimala Devi for helping me in my academics and during my training period to be a good achiever. I am really thankful to the institute for all the support, affection, impression and education I received, feeling of which I can't express in language. [View/Download testimonial]