Scholarship and Assistance

EMIB recognizes outstanding students, faculty, and alumni each year via numerous scholarships for academic and research achievements, and overall potential for success in the medical practice field. EMIB awards Scholarships to students in the form of financial aid by offering full and partial fee waive.

Scholarships are granted to exceptional students pursuing studies in various courses offered here. Scholarships are awarded to students on Merit Based and Need based.

Scholarship Eligibility: (1) Applicant must be citizen of India.
                                            (2) Annual Family Income of the applicant should not be more than Rs. 1 lakh
                                            (3) Applicant must perform consistently well in academics and should posses good character.

Prestigious Scholarships :

1. Rev. Dr. Theophilus Peter Memorial Scholarship | Full fee waive
This scholarship is awarded to students who belong to economically poor family background and cannot afford education due to financial constraint. This scholarship is also given to students who have lost the earning member of family which can be father or mother or both. This scholarship is named after Rev. Dr. Theophilus , a Christian Spiritual Leader and Evangelist, who is well known for spreading the Love of Christ among down trodden. It is a memorial to this great Christ-preacher, who is the father of Dr. John Ebnezar, the founder and Chancellor of this great Institution.

2. Mrs. Sampath Kumari Memorial Scholarship | Partial Fee Waive
Mrs. Sampath Kumari Memorial Schoarship is a Merit-based award based on strong academic performance and community leadership. The students are selected by faculties based on the their performance throughout the academic year. This award is a memorial to Mrs. Sampath Kumari, mother of Dr. John Ebnezar, the founder and chancellor of this great institution.This prestigious scholarship is given to award students demonstrating significant academic achievements, engagement in A-1 class service in different areas of public health.

Students who have been awarded with Rev. Dr. Theophilus Peter Memorial Scholarship (Full Fee Waived)

Serial No.Name of the StudentReasonCoursePlace
1Miss. Sangita TirkeyOrphanNursingAssam
2Miss. Dipika BojraiOrphanNursingAssam
3Miss. Borsha BaraikFatherlessNursingAssam
4Miss. Ghanjali NagSick FatherNursingAssam
5Mr. Simion TantiFatherlessMale NursingAssam

Students who have been awarded with Mrs. Sampath Kumari Memorial Scholarship (Partial Fee Waived)

Serial No.Name of the StudentCoursePlace
1Mr. Newton Anand MashiLab. TechnicianAssam
2Mr. Pranjal KandulanaLab. TechnicianAssam
3Mr. Bijoy GuwalaPharmacyAssam
4Mr. Manas GogoiLab. TechnicianAssam
5Mr. Anupjyoti LahanLab. TechnicianAssam
6Mr. Tarun BarikPhysiotherapyAssam
7Mr. Amlan BarikOffice ManagementAssam
8Mr. Lawrance MarandiOffice ManagementAssam
9Mr. Rajib DuttaOffice ManagementAssam
10Mr. Robin SinghaPharmacyAssam
11Miss. Priyanka HowNursingAssam
12Miss. Saba GoswamiNursingAssam
13Miss. Anjumoni SakhaNursingAssam
14Miss. Minoti DuttaNursingAssam
15Miss. Marsa SonaNursingAssam
16Miss. Angel BabaNursingAssam
17Miss. Kolpona SonaNursingAssam
18Miss. Jerina BagNursingAssam
19Miss. Preeti BaraikNursingAssam
20Miss GepsiNursingKarnataka
21Mr. NickersonPharmacyManipur
22Mr. AngdamLab. TechnicianAssam

Stipened during Internship Period of minimum 6 months
Six months of Internship at Hi-Tech Parimala Super Speciality Hospital and/or Dr. John's Orthopedic Center is offered to students at the successful of completion the course, and during the internship they will be paid stipend.

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