Placements & Internships

An important part of what EMIB does is help students not only receive practical training for their new careers but also help students show how to make themselves as marketable and employable as they can be. The institute is able to accomplish this by providing assistance programs and workshops to help students grasp the concept EMPLOYBILITY in today’s world economy.

  • The institutes provides the best learning atmosphere and hands-on-experience to the students under expert faculty supported with modern infrastructure and updated curriculum to best suit industry requirements.

  • The institutes facilitates the process of placement of passing out students, besides collaborating with other leading medical organizations and institutes across the globe for setting up of internship program of students.

  • The Performance of students has been commendable and placement record available with us reveals the testimony of their performance.

Students who have found good Placement after their Course in our Center

Our centre is one of the top centers offering professional courses for poor and economically weaker section of students at very affordable costs. Most of these students come from a very poor family. They have found immediate placements after their courses, and are offered excellent salary, a fingure which they could never dream of in their lives. Our Institute is very proud of helping and shaping the lives of these poor students and helping their families.

Placed Students

Sampika Nayak

Miss Sampika Nayak
(Diploma in Nursing)

She found immediate placement in Nursing Home for a beginner salary of Rs.6,000/-. She later took an entrance exam for BSc Nursing at Bangalore Baptist Hospital and because of her extensive and rigorous training at our Institute she got selected in the Interview and is currently pursuing her Bsc Nursing. We Congratulate her for her success.

Lily Topno

Miss. Lily Topno
(Diploma in Nursing)

She was offered immediate placement at her home town in Assam after finishing her Diploma in Nursing at Dr. Ebnezar's Medical Institute. She has been offered a beginner's salary of Rs. 6,000.
She has also got an international offer as Medical Assistant in Bahrain, through Campus Placement.(See International Placements)

Daniel Mahanand

Mr. Daniel
(Diploma in Male-Nursing)

He has found placement at his home-town Orissa after completing his course at our Institute.He is being offered a salary of Rs.8,000 per month


Miss Hema
(Diploma in Lab Technician)

She has found placement as Laboratory Technician in a Diagnostic Center in Bangalore after finishing her course at our Center. She has been offered a starting Salary of Rs. 7,000 per month.

Abey Sakaria

Mr. Abay Sakaria
(Diploma in X-Ray Technician)

He Has found placement as a X-Ray Technician in HOSMAT, one the most prestigious institute of Bangalore, after finishing his Diploma in X-ray Technician course at EMIB. He has been offered a starting Salary of Rs. 8,000/-. A great achievement for a college drop-out who at the age of 28 years was just a SSLC pass with no job for over 10 years. His parents are extremely poor and has a very sick sister to take care of.

Mr. Junul Dhodrai

Mr. Junul Dhodrai
(Diploma in Laboratory Technician)

He has found placement as Laboratory Technician in BAPTIST CHRISTIAN HOSPITAL at Tezpur(Assam), which is a unit of Emmanuel Hospital Association, New Delhi. After finishing his Diploma course at EMIB, he has been offered a starting Salary of Rs. 8,000/- per month along with the benefits of PF and ESIC health Scheme. Junul extend his thanks and regards to his mentor and guru Dr. John Ebnezar.
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International Placements

Lily Topno

Miss. Lily Topno
(Diploma in Nursing)

She is the first student to get an international job offer. She has been selected as Medical Assistant in ASTER DM HEALTHCARE, BAHRAIN, with a package of 2400 BHD (Rs.3,95,000 approx.).
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We as a medical institute which inculcates quality learning in our students, celebrate the success of our achievers.We wish them the very best for their bright future. More achievers, yet to come.